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Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Donation


Q. Who can give blood?
A. Anyone over the age of 17 years and weighing 110 pounds is eligible to donate. Anyone over 70 years needs written permission of his/her physician. You may not donate if you have had hepatitis, have a heart condition, or belong to high- risk group for AIDS.


Will it hurt?
A. A slight pinch is felt when the needle is inserted. Most people do not find this uncomfortable.

Should I donate if I am having a disease or a condition?

A. Each disease and condition has to be evaluated by a doctor. However you can refer to the DONOR RESTRICTIONS page to evaluate your donor status.

Who needs blood?


A large percentage of all hospitalized patients receive blood transfusions. The average use  of each of these patients is about 3 pints. Leading users are cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease, fractures and trauma, anemia, bone and joint abnormalities,   organ transplant and lung, liver and kidney disease.

Q. Can I contact AIDS by donating?
A. NOT at all! The donation process is carefully planned to be sterile and all equipment used           is disposable and then discarded.
Q. Will I feel fatigue after donation?
A. Most people feel comfortable after donation. Follow instructions of the nurse/doctor to eat            well, drink plenty of fluids, and do not over exert yourself. Donors should not indulge in      strenuous exercise or activity immediately after donation.
Q. How often can I donate?
A. Donations can be made after 56 days say upto a maximum of 6 times a year.
Q. What precautions should I take after blood donation?

Post - donation observe the following:

(i)  Eat light refreshment and rest for 10-15 mins

(ii) If you are a smoker, do not smoke for atleast an hour

(iii) Avoid heavy exercise and exertion for 24 hours

(iv) Avoid alcohol for 24 hours

Drink more than your usual intake of liquids during the 24 hours post donation.

Q. Can I get AIDS Hepatitis or any other disease by donating Blood?
A. NO. All Blood donation procedures use single use disposable collection equipment. As a donor you may insist on this.




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